Snapchat: Show Your Pride 2017


Our summer 2017 campaign was focussed on asking people who were visiting Scotland’s 4 main pride events to have confidence and demonstrate that by using a Snapchat filter!

This new social media network is widely used by young people, mainly under 30’s and allows users to share pictures and videos, including adding special filters and animations, which last only a short period of time.

Special filters were designed specially for each event and were ‘geo-located’ meaning users could only access the filter if they were in a certain pre-defined area – in our case the main Pride event areas.

We attended Pride events in Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow and West Lothian to promote the campaign and the filters were used over 3,000 times and viewed by Snapchat friends over 200,000 times between June and August.

The campaign was cost effective, offering a Cost per Use rate of just 5p – much lower than traditional merchandise or flyers.

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