Small Trans Library Glasgow

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland:

Over in Glasgow, a scheme has been established to help members of the trans community, launched by Small Trans Library Glasgow. What was traditionally a group that offered the “lending of trans-authored books for trans people”, as well as hosting reading groups, writing workshops and community events for trans people, they have more recently set up a scheme to provide groceries and funds for trans people who are not working and/or struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funded by crowd-sourcing, the pool has so far raised over £5,600 (as of 24/08/20), which is redistributed to trans people in the Glasgow and Scotland who have requested to access the fund.

Although the Paypal pool states it’s a service provided for those in Glasgow, due to the usual nature of the Trans Library being a nation-wide postal service, this fund is also lenient to connect with those across Scotland.

More information at and linked sites.