Oban Pride

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland:

1) What extra services or support, if any did you provide during Covid-19?

  • Online Chatline/Helpline for the LGBTQ+ Community weekly, 2 hours on a Wednesday evening during the Pandemic providing Chat, Support where possible and Advice.
  • Online Social Events in place of Annual Pride Event due to COVID 

2) Who was the target audience within the LGBT+ community?

  • LGBTQ+ people of all ages and their Families in Oban and the Surrounding Areas of Argyll and the Islands

3) Was that the audience that engaged with the support or service?

  • Yes

4) Would you say the services were successful?

  • Up to 15 people used or accessed the Weekly Online Chat/Support Service for Help or Advice.
  • Those who used the Service were struggling with Isolation – Missing friends and/or family, Social Isolation and Financially or being able to afford food. These individuals were signposted to other groups or services including Foodbanks locally to help where possible.

5) What support do you feel is needed, particularly in the event of a second wave?

  • Better working together to help people – Provide Hardship Relief for people struggling financially and helping support those with poor Mental Health.
  • Government Support with Funding for Digital Work/Projects 
  • Government Guidelines for future events and financial support for LGBTQ+ Groups and Organisations.