Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland:

A non-profit UK-wide organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims who run satellite support groups in multiple cities including Glasgow. Their target group is LGBTQI+ Muslims and families of Queer Muslims from all ethnic backgrounds.

Their main focus during COVID 19 was to try and engage with the community via online events and welfare to some isolated members. Online events have been popular and have also been utilised by LGBTQI+ Muslims across the world in countries where there is no freedom of speech and is dangerous to be LGBTQI+.

Currently the group can only offer social support on line as they are financially not able to support their service users and have only recently received charity status. Their services were not promoted by very many Scottish LGBT+ related organisations or Projects. 

The project supports the fact that LGBT+ Ethnic Minorities, Refugees and Migrants lack support by the any government, as there is a lack of access to services and language barriers and no social support. Many LGBT+ Muslims are frontline staff or working in jobs which don’t provide security or focus on their health. Leaving them with a higher risk of being infected by COVID-19.

If a second wave was to hit this community Hidayah voices that LGBT+ Muslims will need more safe places that providing social contact, food and advice. The organisation as a whole would need more IT support and online resources and support from welfare organisations focusing on mental health and a bigger social media voice in Scotland.

Currently the organisation promoted other services that relate and support LGBT+ Muslims.