Equality Network

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland:

1) What extra services or support, if any did you provide during Covid-19?

  • A small sum to fund Zoom accounts for groups, and to provide related support, because that was identified by groups as a high priority right at the start of lockdown.
  • In partnership with LGBT Health & Wellbeing, LGBT Youth Scotland, and LEAP Sports, £87,700 from the Scottish Government via the Lottery, to support LGBTI groups and their members in a variety of ways up to the end of September.
  • In partnership with a number of organisations in the other nations of the UK, £585,000 from Comic Relief, divided across the UK, for support for LGBTQ+ groups beyond September.

There is more information about these here:

The second of these is still, and the third is now, open for groups to express interest. After the work of each completes, Equality Network will report to funders on the details of what has been achieved, and, assuming their agreement and the agreement of all partners, they would hope to be able to make information about that public.

2) Who was the target audience within the LGBT+ community?

  • LGBTQ+ Groups and Organisations in Scotland

3) Was that the audience that engaged with the support or service?

  • All three of the projects mentioned above are generally open to LGBTI groups in Scotland (subject to the relevant funding criteria – see the web pages I mentioned before), whether they have previously engaged with Equality Network or not. 

4) Would you say the services were successful?

  • In terms of measuring success, feedback on the Zoom project has been very positive, and the other two, much larger, projects will be evaluated later.

5) What support do you feel is needed, particularly in the event of a second wave?

  • Equality Network haven’t yet identified needs that would be different in a second wave lockdown, from the first lockdown, and it may be that different needs, if that second wave happens, it would not become clear until it happens.

6) Is there anything else you would like to add which you feel would be useful for this Research Report?

Nothing at the moment