Pink Saltire are proud to present original short films and documentaries, giving a voice to LGBT+ people in Scotland.

Produced by independent and often LGBT+ filmmakers, we explore issues which are either of wide topical appeal or are under-represented within our community or within Scotland.

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Queer Kingdom A short film by Stuart Edwards (Edinburgh), funded by Shell UK Community Grants

The Kingdom of Fife is a large rural and semi-rural region of Scotland with over 320,000 residents, however LGBT+ people often face issues with isolation and discrimination where they live.  This film explores the lives of some of Fife’s residents and showcases the work being done within the region by a few small groups to improve the situation.

Time for Inclusive Education? – A short film by Bluestar Streaming (Glasgow), in association with the TIE Campaign and funded by Big Lottery Fund Scotland

Inclusive Education is a hot topic – a campaign run by 2 previously unknown activists has reached the heart of government and the Scottish Parliament in under 18 months. Media coverage has been consistent and there seems to be a public swelling of opinion that bullying in schools against LGBT+ people is wrong, needs tackling, and includes making sure we have sensible conversations with all pupils about LGBT identities in school.  We look behind the scenes, at schools doing great work on inclusive education and on the long term impact of bullying in our schools.

Scottish, Trans & Proud: Trans Healthcare – A documentary by Kate Adair (Glasgow) and funded by Big Lottery Fund Scotland

Transgender people face significant challenges in accessing appropriate healthcare, with delays in referrals and a postcode lottery in GPs understanding of trans healthcare needs and in some procedures available across the different Scottish NHS Boards. This film explores the real lived experience of trans people in Scotland in 2016 and looks at what needs done to improve the lives of trans people.

Scottish, Trans & Proud: Equal Recognition – A short film by Kate Adair (Glasgow), in association with Scottish Trans Alliance and funded by Big Lottery Fund Scotland

This film explores the Equal Recognition campaign in Scotland, calling for equal rights and protection in law for trans and non-binary people. It looks at the specific calls from the Scottish Trans Alliance for self-declaration and the improvement of processes for trans people to have documentation updated. It sets the narrative before an expected Gender Recognition consultation to be announced by the Scottish Government in 2017.