Sometimes a little love can help bring a smile to an anguished face.

Sometimes things get too much and we crave a time out.

Sometimes we just need to know others are there.

We care. Your community cares.

Our care packs are designed to support your health and wellbeing at a difficult time for everyone. We’re all hurting in some way through this pandemic. So here’s a wee box of 💗 from us and our partners (oh, and our funders!) just to say you’re not alone.

This initiative is funded by The Scottish Government ‘Wellbeing Fund’ and Foundation Scotland.

REGISTRATION FOR CARE PACKS BY POST IS NOW CLOSED. All packs are being posted from 1st July.

Huge thanks to our local partners for supporting the roll-out of Care Packs by Post – another example of our ‘Pink Community Network’ in action. 🏳️‍🌈💗

If you have any enquiries about this initiative, or wish to cancel or amend your registration before 1st July, please email: or call 01592645340 during usual office hours.