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Pink Saltire is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and listed on the charity register held by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). We are a national equalities organisation, managed and run by LGBT+ people, established in 2014.


We believe Scotland is a great place to be who you are in a free and open society. As Scots, we benefit from a range of legislation which protects our equal human rights and freedom of expression.

We also recognise that each individual story and experience is different but still important – too many of us still experience discrimination and prejudice, bullying or even abuse and we want to help change that.

Our charitable aims, according to the list identified by OSCR, are:

  • the advancement of citizenship and community development within the LGBT+ community of Scotland
  • the promotion of equality and diversity
  • the advancement of Scottish LGBT+ arts, heritage and culture

Our objectives, defined by our Trustees, are:

  • reduce isolation in the community by creating meaningful and valuable connections
  • using new media, understand our community more effectively
  • recognise positive role models to help inspire others to reach their goals

Our constitution sets out that we will achieve these aims through methods which might include:

  • a digital resource which creates a lasting legacy of LGBT+ culture in Scotland
  • ongoing research which evaluates social attitudes, critical issues and assesses the important cultural and economic impact of LGBT+ people
  • a program to recognise, honour and celebrate those individuals and organisations who strive for better lives for LGBT+ people in Scotland

The work of Pink Saltire is split into 3 work strands:

LEARN – where we use new media techniques to understand our community, their views and opinions and use this data to aide improved service provision and understanding of our priorities.

SHARE – where we create an open digital platform of user-generated content in a range of formats which engage people on the key issues – easy to access, easy to use and open 24hrs a day – fun, insightful and locally sourced.

CELEBRATE – where we shout loudly about the positive contributions of key individuals or groups to help inspire other LGBT+ people around the country.


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