Two Scottish LGBT community groups are teaming up to help bring some colour to Pride season 2021 in Scotland.

With in-person events likely to remain cancelled this year, Pink Saltire and Scene Alba Magazine have joined creative forces to launch a special edition Pride pin, as they encourage Scots to ‘Show Your Colours for Pride’.

The badges went on sale this week, with a unique Scottish saltire and Progress Pride flag design, costing just £4.50 each.

A mini campaign on social media throughout June will see the groups sharing information about Scotland’s blossoming Pride scene in the hope it inspires new organisers to step forward to set up events in their home towns.

Ged Hall, Editor and Founder at Scene Alba Magazine, told us:

“Hopefully everyone loves the design and the wee card carrier – it’s our way of adding a bit of colour into the world right now! We’ve been a long term partner with Pink Saltire, in fact we launched around the same time, 7 years ago, and they’ve done more than any other group in recent years to really develop Pride as a vehicle for social change in communities all over the country. As a community-focussed publication, we’ve always supported Pride organisers with free advertising and continue to fundraise through the year for a number of good causes.”

“We thought this year, since it looks like the second year without any in-person Pride marches in Scotland, that we’d join forces with Pink Saltire to promote the good work and the amazing success of the Pride sector in Scotland over the past few years.”

“Through the goodwill of our readers and followers, we’ve already donated thousands of pounds to charity since we were founded, including the sale of ‘La’ badges following the huge success of the Channel 4 drama, ‘It’s A Sin’. But we know times are difficult for everyone right now, so this is hopefully something that’s affordable for most people.”

‘Show Your Colours for Pride’ will kick off on 1st June and last the entire month, with posts and information across social media encouraging people to support their local Pride organiser. If one doesn’t exist locally, the campaign is urging folk to step forward and get organised!

Stuart Duffy, Founder of Pink Saltire, said:

“We’re really grateful to have a partner like Scene Alba Magazine, who doesn’t just talk about supporting the community, they put their money where their mouth is! Lots of charities are under extremely difficult financial circumstances right now, so any creative means to bring in income is always worth a go.”

“When we first developed Fife Pride back in 2017 as a new community event, we couldn’t have imagined that just 4 years later Scotland would have 27 different Pride organisations and the sector would contribute over £3million to the Scottish economy. We’re extremely proud to have supported so many organisers to build their own events, in communities from Shetland to Dumfries. It’s been a real success story about community activism and building local solutions with local people.”

“June is an opportunity for us to shout about the brilliant work happening in communities right across the country. This year we’ve already seen virtual events held for Trans Pride Scotland and later in May it’ll be Pride Saltire East Lothian and Grampian Pride. We hope it won’t be too much longer before we can all march and come together again, because its never been more important to be visible and to stand up to prejudice. We can see on social media every day that our culture and our right to exist seem to be under constant attack. Pride offers that opportunity we need to push back and show our collective strength and unity.”

You can take part in the campaign throughout June by taking a selfie and using the hashtag #ShowYourColours across social media. The special edition pin badges are available online here.

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