It’s never been more important to be a trans ally and show your support for trans rights. The trans community face harassment and discrimination daily. We are victimised and attacked simply for being our authentic self. We want a Scotland for trans people which is a safe and fair place to live.

Which is precisely why we have built a TDOV website and a Trans Day of Visibility Pack to help show the people of Scotland how to be a better trans ally and quite frankly CALL OUT misinformation and prejudice.

It doesn’t belong in Scotland. So be a trans ally and start showing your support!

Need some help to do just that?

Then look no further than our TDOV packs! Quite literally PACKED full of posters, postcards, stickers, flags and guides on how to be a trans ally.

Stickers, posters, postcards, facepaint, lanyard, pin, mini flags & full flag.

Show your allyship and fight for change by covering your area in the trans colours and writing to your MPs.
All profits from this campaign will contribute to creating a new Trans Development Worker role at Pink Saltire.
So what are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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