COVID continues to impact the ability of Scotland’s pride organisers to safely hold the traditional marches and gatherings. Until we are able to come together in person again, pride groups all over the country have moved online!

Take a look at some of the events happening in 2021 – all dates held virtually unless stated:

28th March to 4th April

22nd May

29th May

19th June

3rd July

31st July

5th to 8th August

28-29 August (in-person)

4th September (in-person)

4th September (in-person)

11th September (in-person)

Sat 25th September (in-person)

Sun 24th October (in-person)

Events scheduled for 2022:

Sat 4th June 2022
4th June 2022
2nd July 2022
Sat 2nd July 2022 – Kirkcaldy
Postponed until 2022
Postponed until 2022
Postponed until 2022