Rainbow Responders are GO!

Today is a very special day here at Pink Saltire as we celebrate the launch of our latest project… Rainbow Responders!

Living in a world where we’re all petrified of hugging our Granny without a pair of latex gloves, and can’t get a pint of milk without wearing a face-mask, it’s no easy feat. It’s especially hard for those of us in the LGBT+ community who are in need of help but have fewer and fewer organisations to turn to.

Since March, Pink Saltire have supported over 350 people from Scotland’s largest cities to small rural and island communities. Many were in need of things that some of us wouldn’t have ever thought of… like PPE supplies, laptops and even data top-ups to stay connected to the wider world and so much more.

And that’s precisely why we’ve created Rainbow Responders, our most recent project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund! The Rainbow Responders plan involves three phases, all with the aim of helping LGBT+ folk, no matter where they are or who they are.

Together, we’ll help make our communities more resilient and bounce back against COVID19!

Snip20200818_20(Check out some of our Rainbow Responders – adorable no?)

~ So, what’s the plan? ~

We start with Phase 1

We’re producing the most comprehensive study into the impact of the pandemic on LGBT+ people in Scotland, with the sole purpose of helping community leaders, activists, and groups to be more resilient! For that we need a top-notch team…enter our awesome RAINBOW RESPONDERS!

The Rainbow Responders team are on their emails and phone day and night collecting information from organisations across the country who have been doing what they can to help those who need it most.

This includes a ’30-day Review’ of what’s working well and where the gaps in service provision are across Scotland.  We’ll also be providing courses and support to invest in the mental health and wellbeing of our amazing community organisers and activists all around the country.


Phase 2

Is all about you! We’ll be asking you wonderful people to take a few minutes out of your day to respond to our survey. Whether you’re a sheep farmer on Mull or a Glasgow-based astronaut, we want to hear from you and the challenges you’ve faced over the past few months.

No-one will be underrepresented! As such we ask that you help us share our surveys far and wide so that we can reach every corner of the LGBT+ community and every corner of our country!


Phase 3

Hours of interviews, questionnaires, and surveys will allow us to create an impact review and spot the gaps in LGBT+ recovery plans. From this, we can start to develop a framework for recovery so that together – second wave or not – we can #BuildBackBetter.

So… what do we hope to achieve?  

By October 31st we will…

Support up to 40 community leaders and activists to improve resilience in their mental health and well-being so they can keep services running and keep providing the best they can for communities.
This includes support through counseling, group learning and support sessions, adding to their own wellbeing toolbox.

Introduce a support service for community leaders by phone, providing advice and techniques to develop their mental health and wellbeing.

Produce a 30-day Review of critical responders (both groups and services) supporting LGBT+ people in Scotland, so we all know what’s working well and how it can be replicated in locations across the country.

Produce a comprehensive final report for Community organisations, stakeholders and Government, making them aware of the impacts of COVID on LGBT+ people and have the information needed to make effective decisions in the future.

Phew, no a bad plan is it?

Should you want to learn more about Rainbow Responders then do not hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us via email on relief@pinksaltire.com or by calling 0800 051 7676 during normal business hours.

For now, stay tuned to our socials, and shortly we’ll be asking for your views, so please take a few minutes to fill out our survey and have your say. For now, a like and a share can go a long way!

Hope you are all keeping safe, being fabulous, and that we can count on your support as we #BuildBackBetter!


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