Pink Saltire have announced a major new investment in community development work with LGBT+ organisations in Scotland, offering support to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Our new ‘Rainbow Responders’ programme will offer increased capacity to help understand the short and medium term impacts of coronavirus on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people across the country and to work with communities to help build recovery plans.

The charity has raised almost £90,000 to mitigate the immediate hardship needs of LGBT+ people since March and now have a number of vacancies to help LGBT activists and community groups to ‘Build Back Better’.

The work will include a specific focus on BAME communities and services for Gaelic speakers for the first time, with a detailed plan to build greater resilience across the LGBT sector in Scotland by 31st October 2020.

The ‘Rainbow Responders’ programme has been funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland.

Stuart Duffy, Founder and Executive Director of Pink Saltire, said:

“This is a major investment in LGBT+ work by Pink Saltire and our funding partner, the National Lottery Community Fund. Understanding the evolving needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Scotland as we move through the stages of lockdown is vital if we are to emerge stronger and more resilient as a community.”

“We believe firmly in the power of localism and the benefits of community organisations having the capacity to understand and respond to the needs of local people. We’ll help do that with the most comprehensive review of the impact of coronavirus on Scotland’s LGBT+ population, built in partnership with incredible voluntary sector groups like Pride organisers and community ‘anchor’ groups.”

“This will also include a detailed understanding of the needs of those marginalised groups, such as queer people of colour, our rural and island communities, and Gaelic speakers.”

“Creating a space for the community to have these types of conversations has been a priority for Pink Saltire since our coronavirus impact analysis in March outlined a number of key actions. We’ve not been idle, in fact for a small unfunded group we’ve been proactive in sharing our knowledge and resources with groups already.

“Our hardship response has helped more than 300 families or individuals with food vouchers, fresh fruit & veg, mobile top-ups, care packs and computers – now it’s time look further ahead at how we deal with some of the longer term impacts on our community by bringing groups like us together.”

“As a charity with deep local roots, we know the importance of trust and authenticity, so through these new roles we’ll be listening and working together to achieve stronger and more resilient communities in the future.”

Check out out Jobs page for more information on the roles available.

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