A new podcast series from Pink Saltire launches today, focussing on the experiences of LGBT+ people aged 50 and over in Scotland.

Our ’50 Years of Activism’ podcast will feature 6 x 30min interviews with LGBT+ older people, who share their personal journeys and the events which have shaped their lives and made them activists for equality over many decades.

You can listen to Episode 1 – ‘Charlie & Michael Pt1’ here or click on the image.

The series has been produced in association with OurStory Scotland and funded by The National Lottery Communities Fund Scotland, with all the recordings being made available to the oral history archives at the National Library of Scotland.

Dom Miller-Graham, who is a volunteer with OurStory Scotland, has been supporting us with the recordings, which were cut short due to the coronavirus lockdown. 11 interviews were held across Scotland with LGBT+ people from lots of areas of the country offering their story to take part.

Dom said:

“It’s been a real pleasure and a privilege to get such a deep understanding of the experiences which have shaped the lives of LGBT+ elders in Scotland.”

“This is just a snap-shot of LGBT+ life over the past 50 years of course, but I believe it’s so important to capture these stories so we can all understand and appreciate how very different life was for people in our community maybe 30-40 years ago. The change we have seen over the last 5 decades has been incredible.”

“It’s also important for cross-generational understanding, to help challenge ageism and a stigma that still persists today amongst the community. We can all learn from other people’s experience – making that connection to a person’s life is so important to help us understand the world from other angles and points of view.”

“I’m really excited to share this project with everyone – it’s been tough to cut down these stories to a short podcast, but the recordings will all be available in full through the National Library soon. I hope everyone enjoys the series!”

Stuart Duffy, Founder of Pink Saltire, said:

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dom and I must thank him for the sensitive way he’s handled the interviews and editing of the podcasts. Being invited to hear very personal and often troubling experiences from anyone’s life is a real privilege, but to experience that from so many people, all willing to share what it was like for them, is an honour.”

“We are so deeply and sincerely thankful to those who shared their own life story with us, but sorry to those we didn’t manage to reach due to the lockdown and a looming deadline.”

“In the shadow of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we feel it’s important to continue to capture the experiences and impact of being LGBT+ on our elder community. These voices matter, the experiences that shaped their activism matter, and their contribution to LGBT+ life should be celebrated.”

“I hope everyone enjoys the series and look out for more LGBT+ elders work to come.”

The podcast series was launched at a special live stream event on social media on Monday 25th May at 3pm. Episode 1 “Charlie and Michael” is available now and the remaining 5 episodes will arrive every Monday for the next few weeks.

Join us next Monday at 6pm for Episode 2: Jenny.


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