Anti-gender reform group ‘LGB Alliance’ have ramped up the rhetoric in their fight against improvements to the lives of transgender people in Scotland.

The group ran “Bin the Bill” adverts in today’s national newspapers, which seem to completely contradict their position just a few weeks ago to “Press Pause” on the reforms!

The alliance, which claims to stand up for lesbian, gay and bisexual people across the UK despite appearing to do no actual community work with LGB people, have shocked many people with a version of their advert which was titled “Self-ID gives predators the green light”.

Despite repeated rejection of the claims by women’s rights workers on social media, public support from rape crisis and women’s organisations and over 80 LGBT organisations, and over 60% support for the reforms in the previous Government consultation, the Alliance continue to peddle myths about “predatory” men accessing single-sex spaces by the reforms being proposed in the draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

They continue to cite areas of safeguarding which sit under completely different legislation – namely the Equality Act 2010 and it’s strict exemption rules, which are not being changed in these reforms.

Alliance adverts from January 2020

The advert states that “Many genuine trans people are concerned that a weak, poorly thought through Bill trivialises their decision to transition and poses a threat to women and girls”, but how exactly have they determined what a “genuine” trans person is? And how different are “genuine” trans people from those who hold the opposite view and support the reforms?

In a move which has echoes of the ‘Keep The Clause’ campaign in support of Section 28 from twenty years ago, the Alliance continue to spew out hurtful and spurious claims about “every woman and girl in Scotland losing vital protections“, designed to stoke fear amongst women.

The group have already been warned by the Advertising Standards Authority about the accuracy of their adverts this year.

But in an excellent analysis of the groups social media following by Scots actor, David Paisley, the LGB Alliance was shown to have very few supporters who seem atall concerned with women’s rights – instead far more who are set against trans rights or shown to be ‘gender critical’.

The time taken by The Scottish Government to move forward with its plans, which were already widely consulted on and supported in 2017, is taking its toll on the membership too.

This week there have been reports of arguments between senior SNP MPs Mhairi Black and Joanna Cherry, and prominent LGBT activists Emma Cuthbertson and Lee Martin have both announced their resignation from the party today.

The Government consultation on gender reform in Scotland is open until 17th March and can be completed by individuals or organisations from across Scotland and beyond.

If you’d like to make a complaint about the adverts, you can contact the ASA here.

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