A woman wearing a ‘LGB Alliance’ t-shirt has said it’s “absolutely ridiculous” for allegedly being kicked out of Scotland’s biggest queer club at the weekend.

A video, posted by user Nicole Jones (@satiricole) shows a young woman wearing the shirt outside the G1-owned venue, just hours after the anti-trans group’s Scottish launch elsewhere in the city.

In what must be one of the most ironic posts of an exclusionary group complaining when their exclusionary followers are then excluded from a club that doesn’t support excluding trans people, the video has caused a Twitter storm this weekend, with over half a million views and hundreds of people supporting the club for their practice defending trans people.

The woman, who is not identified in the clip or in any subsequent posts to allow verification of her claims, says:

“I’ve just been removed because trans people – who I didn’t even see – said I was threatening to them or something.”

“Don’t I have the right to support lesbians, gays and bisexuals? she continues. “But they’ve [trans people] got some weird ultimate power where they can get me kicked out of a club because they don’t like an acronym on a t-shirt.”

But reaction on social media wasn’t all that sympathetic, with many Twitter users calling out the group’s overtly anti-trans objectives and backing the nightclub’s actions, including local actor David Paisley.

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The video originated on the account of Nicole Jones, partner of the late gender critical feminist Magdalen Berns.

Jones had earlier attended the launch of the LGB Alliance Scotland at the Oran Mor venue in Glasgow’s West End and posted the image below to her public profile.  The launch of the Scottish wing of the London-based group attracted the Scottish Parliament’s prominent critic of the gender recognition reforms, Joanne McAlpine MSP – the least surprising move of 2020 so far!

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One Twitter user, Blair Anderson (@blairanderson35), has been encouraging people to boycott the Oran Mor venue after they hosted the launch event, who he says are “happy to take transphobes money”.

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Management at Polo Lounge / G1 Group have been approached for comment.


  1. It seems the more we try to promote inclusiveness the more some bigoted eejit, somewhere, will start up a group with the specific aim of EXcluding people.
    There’s too much hatred in the world. Bring back the LOVE!

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