Waverley Care has announced that all donations made by supporters this week will be doubled to support children and young people affected by HIV and Hep-C.

The charity has teamed up with The Big Give Christmas Challenge, which will see all donations made via the Big Give website doubled from today (3rd Dec) to midday on 10th Dec. This could mean the charity receiving a windfall of over £12,000.

The Big Give Waverley Care

Fundraising Manager, Matt Middler, said:

“HIV and hepatitis C are stigmatised conditions, and the young people we work with are often fearful of judgement and rejection by their peers because of this. Many of our young people live a life of secrecy and are not able to be their authentic selves.”

“Funding through the Big Give can help us ensure that there is a safe space where young people can come together, share their experiences and get the support they need to live well.”

The money raised during the campaign will fund peer support groups for children and young people living with HIV or affected by HIV and hepatitis C in the family.

Steph, who attended Waverley Care’s Poz youth group for children living with HIV added:

“It’s not just about teaching those who don’t have HIV not to be afraid of us. It’s about teaching those with HIV that we are worthy. I don’t want anyone else to cry themselves to sleep at night because they feel dirty, diseased, dangerous or unlovable. Because that is not true.”

You can donate to Waverley Care’s Big Give page here.

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