Glaswegians have been reacting to the news yesterday that the much-hyped MardiGla festival event in Merchant City has been cancelled.

Organisers at The LGBT Co-op announced on Facebook that the 2-day festival, billed as a new start for Pride in Glasgow, would not go ahead due to a lack of financial support, despite it being launched back in December.

A MardiGla pride march will still go ahead on Saturday 20th July from Kelvingrove Park.

Glasgow’s scene venues have been quick to fill the void left after the disappointing news, with plans for special events now announced at the Waterloo Bar and Katie’s.

The group has received hundreds of comments on their social media since the announcement, with many people understandably upset.

Kevin from Ruchill told us:

“This is a complete shambles, MardiGla have let everyone down. They’ve come in with big ambitions and talking about this being the biggest Pride in Scotland but it’s all just been smoke and mirrors. After the embarrassment of Pride Glasgow’s ticket chaos in 2018, Glasgow expected more and deserves much better than this.”

Reaction on social media was also swift, with Twitter users weighing in on the criticism of the organisers.

Some have been more supportive of the group however, recognising the significant challenges faced by the organisers and the short time period to raise the necessary funds.

The LGBT Co-op recently organised the Proud Scotland Awards, with tickets priced at between £80 and £100 for 400 guests. Profits from the event were due to Fund ‘core activities’ of the group as well as a fund for LGBT community groups, although they are yet to disclose what sum was raised despite repeated attempts to contact them.

They have also charged a number of organisations, including Unions and businesses, £500 to march in the MardiGla parade although a number of these groups are understood to be cancelling their donation following the groups announcement yesterday.

In a separate move before the event was cancelled this week, the new queer singing group in Glasgow called ‘Quoir’ pulled out of their headline performance at MardiGla citing serious allegations at the way they were treated by the group.

Earlier this month, the incumbent Pride organisers in Glasgow announced they would also be cancelling their plans for a festival event in the city. Pride Glasgow SCIO have said they will continue with their own march on Sat 17th August, with a route and details to be confirmed.

Glasgow is in the unique position of having a third Pride event, with the alternative ‘Free Pride‘ being held on Saturday 3rd August at the CCA. Although there is no Pride march, there is an afternoon of workshops, community stalls and performances for everyone to enjoy, all at no cost.

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