A new inclusive floorball sports club is launching in Perthshire this month, with the focus firmly on getting LGBT+ people active and involved in something new!

The ‘Perth Parrots’ have been formed in the hope LGBT+ people from the local area have more choices to make friends and socialise with other people too – and its the first LGBTI floorball club in Scotland!

It’s the brainchild of Frazer Robertson, who recently moved to the area from Glasgow. We caught up with Frazer who explained his inspiration to get the group started:

“Given that the bulk of my friends are down near Glasgow and the central belt, I was keen to meet some new people in the area. What better way to do that than to start a new club! I already have a knowledge of the LGBTI sports sector and I was aware that there was a clear gap in the market here in Perth.”

“I did conduct an initial scoping exercise and considered a range of activities, slowly ruling out certain things given the lack of facilities, a strong existing club offering, cost of the sport etc. Ofcourse the “Frazer Factor” also played its part and I was keen to ensure that the sport that I would champion is something I would be keen to play myself too.”

Locals will have the opportunity to meet the organisers and find out more about floorball and the Perth Parrots at a special taster session at North Inch Community Campus in Perth on Sun 23rd June from 2pm.

Perthshire has seen a significant increase in activity for LGBT+ people since a consultation exercise conducted by Pink Saltire, with the support of Perth & Kinross Council, in 2017.

The consultation led to the establishment of Perthshire Pride, which itself has spawned a popular year-round social meet-up group. There is also a youth group, dedicated trans social group as well as events during LGBT History Month in February.

The new LGBT+ floorball group is the first of its kind in Scotland and Frazer says his introduction to the sport has been fantastic:

“Having reached out to some of the other floorball teams in Scotland, I found them to be hugely supportive and keen to pitch in and offer advice and support.”

“Many people won’t have heard of floorball but it’s a very inclusive game which has something for everyone. It’s fast paced and competitive for those who want the adrenaline, fun and friendly for those keen to meet new people and make new friends, but also as aerobic as individuals are able to be, allowing them to gradually build their fitness and stamina over time and at a pace which suits their ability.”

“Crucially for me gender is not a barrier in floorball in the United Kingdom and the national league allows individuals, regardless of gender, to participate on the same team. This is extremely refreshing in team sport and something we should be encouraging as much as possible.”

Floorball was first played in Sweden and is now enjoyed in over 70 countries around the world. It’s played in a match between 2 teams of 6 players, usually over 3 periods of 20 minutes, with the simple idea to score as many goals against the other team to win!

The Parrots will be taking part in this year’s Festival Fortnight, organised by LEAP Sports Scotland, which includes activities across the country designed to increase awareness and participation in sport by more LGBT+ people.

The club are also working closely with Perthshire Pride to raise awareness of the group at the next Pride event, to be held on 10th August. It’ll be an opportunity to introduce people to the sport but also for the new Parrots mascot to meet the locals!

The new club are keen to engage with people who are also interested in all the other behind-the-scenes work to make the Parrots a big success! So if you’re a dab hand with social media, or you’re a great events organiser or maybe have some skills you’d like to share with your community, they’d love to hear from you.

You can follow all the latest from the Perth Parrots on social media now:

Twitter: @PerthParrots

Facebook: @PerthParrots

The Perth Parrots logo design was kindly donated by Mhorag McDougall, Graphic Designer.

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