Pride Glasgow have said they are being unfairly treated after Glasgow City Council cancelled their right to use the Riverside Museum site for the August event.

Earlier today, The National broke the story that officials had pulled the plug (for the second time) on plans to use the iconic location for Pride as the charity were unable to meet the financial obligations of the contract.

In response, Chris Laing, Pride Glasgow Chair has told us:

“We’re trying to do the right thing, but it doesn’t feel like we’re being given a fair shot. Despite the fact that we have sponsorship contracts and income from ticket sales, with proof of good cashflow for the event, the cut-throat way we feel we have been treated, is upsetting.”

Pride Glasgow only recently announced a comeback, with a relaunched logo and a 2-day festival on the banks of the Clyde. But this was dependant on the charity servicing debts it owed to Glasgow City Council from previous years, as well as a 50% deposit for the hire of the Riverside Museum site.

The statement continues:

img_4312This afternoon we have been advised that Glasgow City Council will not allow us to use the Riverside Museum as a venue. It seemed to have been made public before we received confirmation.”

“The withdrawal is due to the fact that Pride Glasgow has not been able to make the first instalment of the agreed repayment, plus 50% of the venue hire within the agreed timescale.”

“Our Board this year has been left with debts from the former Board and the 2018 event, which of course is taking time to resolve.”

“The march will still go ahead as planned on 17th August and we are quickly making plans to move to a non-Council owned venue. We hope to announce the new venue early next week when all contracts are signed.”

“We want to reassure ticket holders that tickets will be valid, but we have emailed all ticket holders to give options. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused but we are fully committed to making Pride Glasgow work in 2019 and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, no matter who or what gets in our way.”

“It’s the amazing community behind us that keeps us fighting to get over this huge hurdle.”

What’s your view?  Has Pride Glasgow now come to the end of the road? Do you support the organisation continuing? Will you be attending the Pride march on 17th August?  Let us know by commenting or sharing your views on social media.


  1. If you are given an agreement which you break then thats is a true sign of incompetence. They had one thing to abide by and once again have failed. Excuse after excuse. They are handling money paid in good faith by the proud Glasgow LGBT community and cannot follow one simple arrangement on time.

    It is an utter disgrace that they are constantly making new excuses for their failings and expect folk to accept their utter incompetence.

    Have some respect for the people you claim to represent and pay them back for last years shambles.

    Your event is dead. You have lost all credibility and continue to be an utter embarrassment to Glasgow.

    Its high time that Pride Glasgow just finished up. The people of Glasgow deserve better and its showing loud and clear that Pride Glasgow cannot meet any basic commitments or adhere to any agreement.

    They broke a contract pure and simple. Stop with the pathetic excuses and poor you attitude and act in a responsible manner.

  2. Pride glasgow has very little support in the gay community and should give up.
    I work on the gay scene and overwhelmingly our customers are behind mardi gla , pride glasgow is generally regarded as toxic and should dissolve n leave a new energetic coop to organise an event our community can be proud of .

  3. I was a long supporter of Pride Glasgow. It appears that they should hang their hats up and walk away. Trying to clear last years debts whilst trying to get income for this years event was always going to be a tall order. Clearly the city council have lost faith. Ticket sales should be refunded to those affected. It’s a shame that 2019 the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots is being shadowed by this shambles.

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