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LGBT folk from Scotland will be among over 3 million people marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots at New York City Pride this summer.

For the first time, Pink Saltire will lead a Scottish marching bloc in the World Pride parade, being held in NYC in the U.S. on 30th June.  The event is being held in NYC to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which sparked the modern LGBT rights movement we know today.

The Fife-based LGBT charity will join over 150,000 participants in the march through Manhattan’s famous streets, with millions expected to line the route to cheer on groups from over 100 countries with colourful floats, music and costumes!

And the charity want you to get involved too!

Stuart Duffy, Founder of Pink Saltire, explained:

“We realised there was to be no official participation in the World Pride march by any Scottish organisation a while back, so we’ve been hard at work fundraising through selling our merchandise at Pride events to raise the money to send 3 of our team across for this important commemoration.”

“We’re inviting anyone from Scotland who’s on holiday in NYC on 30th June or ex-pats who now live in the States, to join us for the march.  It’ll be a unique experience with saltires flying, kilts on, laggered in suncream but showing the rest of the world that Scotland is a proud, diverse, welcoming country.”

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The Stonewall uprising happened in 1969, where NYPD officers and city officials raided The Stonewall Inn, a bar used by some of the most marginalised LGBT people in the city at the time. But the community fought back against the oppression by the city and violence spilled out into the streets over several nights.

The riot was marked a year later with Pride events in the US and then around the globe, expanding into this huge worldwide movement for LGBT rights we now know.

Stuart added why it’s important for Scotland to be represented at an event as significant as World Pride:

“Scotland’s journey has been unique and the rights of LGBT people here have been hard won by activists who’ve gone before us – we felt this event just couldn’t pass without us honouring them somehow. It may have taken Scotland a while longer to decriminalise homosexuality than some countries, but we’re now one of the leading lights in Europe for LGBT equality and that’s worth shouting about!”

“If it’s left up to the community to mobilise and make sure our voice is heard then we’ll make sure we do the best we can. There are too many countries around the globe that still penalise LGBT people and this march will be an international demonstration of solidarity with all those LGBT folk who still feel, and often are, oppressed where they live just for loving who they love.”

“There’s lots to celebrate over the past 50 years but so much more to do and we’re determined that Scotland will be seen to play its part in that international cause.”

If you’d like to join the Scottish bloc in the NYC World Pride Stonewall 50 march, then registration is simple, just email and we’ll share the meeting points for the march so you can join us on Sunday 30th June.

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