Mother Tuckers

A new documentary charting the highs and lows of being a drag performer in Glasgow launches on BBC Scotland this week.

The programme, Mother Tuckers: Drag Queens of Glasgow, airs on Tuesday 16th at 10pm and features three drag artists at different stages of their career.

Barbara prepares to slay!

Scottish drag legend Barbara La Bush is seen preparing for her performance at the first Isle of Bute Pride in 2018 and stars alongside insta-inspired queen Lawrence Chaney and newer queen Voss.

The programme hopes to shine a light on the blossoming drag scene in Glasgow, a city which is home to Scotland’s biggest LGBT+ population.  Drag has shot into the mainstream after shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race brought drag to a whole new generation.

Speaking to GlasgowLive, Lawrence said performing as a drag artist is a dream come true:

“Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to to be a star. I wanted to be in film, TV, so this was amazing. I felt for the first time that I was good enough and had a cool enough story.”

“Realistically, I was 100% comfortable with the drag side of me being shown but it was scary talking about my real life.”

“I am not not comfortable as a boy but you have to lend more to a drag persona than to your real self, so it was a double-edged sword. It’s amazing what’s come out of it, but you had to be vulnerable.”

Fellow queen Voss is relatively new to the scene and as a cadet in the merchant navy, it wasn’t an easy start for her, as she told the Daily Record:

“I felt like I was doing something bad, like I was breaking the rules. Looking back, I was breaking my own rules and coming out of my own comfort zone.”

“I’d always been into musical theatre, a singer, a dancer, a kind of an actor, there was always that creative side to me. A lot of us musical theatre kids, especially if we were gay or have a feminine aspect, wanted to play the female roles. Maybe it stems from that.”

“I never saw myself being a drag queen when I was younger but when I met other drag queens I realised this is that thing that was missing. There was more to me than the person I’d been taught to be.”

Mother Tuckers: Drag Queens of Glasgow airs on the BBC Scotland channel at 10pm on Tuesday night.

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