2018 was our busiest year in many ways, especially online!

Our LGBT news and information hub was visited over 55,000 times in the year – here are the most read stories of 2018:

img_1646#1 – in July, our community was shocked to learn of the death of a well-known young man from Glasgow, Ciaran O’Connor.  Described as “a beautiful soul”, Ciaran was known to many of us for his beaming smile but also for his drag persona, Showna Boaby! A crowdfunder also raised nearly £5000 as people came together to support each other.

#2 – the power of the internet was evident when one Scottish drag queen went viral for her hilarious antics at the wedding of a Glasgow couple in the summer. Cheri Treiffel performed a word-perfect lip-sync to “It Should Have Been Me” as wedding guests looked on stunned! The videos have had more than 10 Million views across social media.

#3 – the first Pride event on a Scottish island attracted plenty attention when Bute Pride was announced back in March. The event, organised by local businessman Brody Jamieson, attracted locals and tourists to the tiny island off the West coast in June and was hosted by drag artists Ms Lily Minogue and Barbara La Bush.

img_2939#4 – after a troubled year which saw tickets oversold and hundreds facing access problems at Pride Glasgow, it was the resignation of it’s long term CEO, Alastair Smith, back in October which caught most attention. The organisation continues to tackle financial issues and is rebuilding its Board in an attempt to reorganise for 2019.

#5 – the announcement of plans for the first Perthshire Pride event was positively received by the community and makes it into our Top Ten Most Read of the year. After a community consultation by Pink Saltire, a group of dedicated volunteers delivered a superb inaugural event back in August, which it’s hoped will continue for many years to come.

#6 – our series of Coming Out Stories were viewed thousands of times back in October, but one story from Janice Maciver in the Outer Hebrides, really struck a chord with many of you. Thanks to Janice for sharing her personal and deeply moving story with us all.

img_0450#7 – the launch of an LGBT supporters group by Celtic FC was our most-read sports story of the year! The group, known as Proud Huddle, launched in January and has grown in membership and visibility over the year. The launch was welcomed by many supporters across social media and Glasgow rivals, Rangers FC, launched their own group later in the year too.

#8 – a bizarre anti-trans rant by a candidate for Rector at the University of Aberdeen in February made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Angus Hepburn was recorded referring to the provision of gender neutral toilets at the Uni campus as “an ideology which is dangerous and must be stopped”. He was not elected to the position of Rector.

#9 – comments describing Perthshire Pride as ‘Perth’s shame” were criticised by LGBT organisations when they appeared in a religious blog back in August. The Rev. David Robertson criticised Church of Scotland Minister, Scott Burton, for his comments at the opening of the Pride event and said Christians should be “weeping for the city of Perth”.

img_0604#10 – news of the arrest of a high profile LGBT campaigner, Scott Barclay, for theft certainly made waves in February. Barclay stepped down from his role with the awards, was sacked from his job at TSB Bank and was given 250hrs unpaid community service. The Awards later folded after a Twitter storm, with the new Board pulling out and organisers Paramount Creative cancelling the event.

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