Heb Pride

The community in the Western Isles will celebrate their first LGBT Pride event on Saturday 6th October!

Hebrides Pride is being organised by local activists and will be the UK’s most northerly Pride and the 13th event in Scotland this year.

We caught up with one of the organisers, Susanne Erbida, to get all the details:

So, tell us what’s planned for Saturday 6th October?

We’re planning a walk from An Lanntair to The Carlton pub and back between 12noon and 3pm. An Lanntair have kindly said that we can use their forecourt and they will also provide some music. We’ll then have stalls and food vendors at the Carlton pub, with everything in aid of a local mental health charity. We’ve had offers from different acts and we’re looking for more this week.

An Lanntair venue in Stornoway

Who is behind the event and where did the idea come from?

The event is only about a week old with the idea coming from fellow organiser Steve Ferguson. Then Era nightclub had the idea of running an LGBT-themed night the same day.  Steve just thought it’s time Stornoway had its own Pride, especially with places like Inverness having one too, it seemed like a great opportunity to finally do one here too!

How have local people and businesses reacted to a Pride event in the Hebrides?

So far a lot of local businesses and straight people have voiced their support, in fact I think most people who have said they want to attend the event are straight! It’s only been a few days so I do expect some backlash at some point.

Why do you think it’s important for smaller, more rural areas, to hold events like this?

Because it’s important to give minorities a voice too, without the fear of persecution at the workplace or from the general public. It’s important to be seen and to have the support from as many people on the island as possible.

For people who’ve never been to the Hebrides before, what can they expect on 6th October?

Very friendly people, wonderful scenery and landscapes, rain and wind and sunshine all within 10 minutes! And people speaking Gaelic, which is a wonderful language. It’s very peaceful and tranquil up here, with a lot of opportunities for hiking and cycling, as well as some of the best archaeological places in the UK.

You can follow Hebrides Pride for all the latest on their Facebook page here.

Heb pride banner


  1. Am I alone in questioning whether it is an improvement, that nowadays, from Middlesex to the Hebrides, those of the middle sex and those who would be he-brides are foremost amongst the minorities who are drawing attention to themselves?

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