A Scottish couple’s wedding video has gone viral with over 10 million views after a hilarious interruption!

Peter Deaville and his husband Peter McConnachie were married in St Luke’s in Glasgow on Saturday 7th July, but during the ceremony, wedding guests were stunned when a drag queen interrupted the service!

With a perfect lip-sync to “It Should Have Been Me”, Glasgow’s finest queen Cheri Treiffel had the church in uproar as she announced her ‘displeasure’ at the union.


Swinging a shopping bag and with her skirt falling to her ankles, the jaded ex pleaded with groom Peter while guests and even the celebrant, David Smith of the Humanist Society of Scotland, were in “hysterics”.

Peter told us,

“My husband wanted to leave a legacy from his wedding speech about spreading happiness and laughter, so the fact it has gone massive is just amazing – we feel we have done what we wanted to do.”

IMG_1557He continued, “It was Peter who had the initial idea after speaking to one of his best men Rob, so we got together to plan the details. David Smith of the Humanist Society of Scotland was the celebrant doing the ceremony, he was the only person we told for obvious reasons.”

Asked about the reaction of guests when Cheri started strutting down the aisle towards them, Peter said,

“Initially we thought they maybe felt she was one of our ex’s but once they realised what was happening they were all in hysterics, although Peter’s mum wasn’t so sure at first!”

We caught up with Cheri sitting under Kingston Bridge earlier today, clutching an empty bottle of Echo Falls and clearly distressed, she told us:

“I’ve loved Peter since 4th August 1987 when we shared a short ride on a tandem round the cobbled streets of Manchester. My happiest memory of our time together was the time I loosened my grip on his neck just enough for him to whisper ‘I Love You’.”

“I’ll never get over this sham marriage, my flame for Peter will burn eternally and it’s so hot all my eggs are poached, so no children for me now!”

Asked if she was likely to surprise the happy couple at any other locations, Cheri chocked back tears to say, “I can’t surprise my Peter (and the other one) until they lift the restraining order.”

On her future prospects for love, Cheri said she’ll eventually find her Mr Right, admitting “All a girl needs to find love is a pretty face and a trick pelvis, simples!”



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