The roller disco is back! Once a fun hobby of a past generation and lost to the health and safety rules of the 1990’s, roller skating is making a big comeback. Tapping into the rise in nostalgic pop culture, from 80’s discos to retro sweets, the roller disco is now open and is taking old(er) and new skaters back to the days of disco, with a modern twist.

Here in Scotland, with skate rinks opening in Glasgow and Edinburgh in recent years and increasing attendance across the country, one business is taking its disco lights to new heights with a special LGBT+ themed night!

Whether you’re a skating pro from yesteryear with your light up wheels and lace-up boots, or a new skater keen to take up a fun hobby and make some friends, this could be for you!

We’ve tried it twice in the past week and we absolutely LOVE it!

We catch up with the team at RollerStop in Glasgow who are launching ‘Rainbow Rollers’ – a new inclusive alcohol-free night, where you can exercise and have fun at the same time:

What is Rainbow Rollers all about – give us the low down!

Rainbow Rollers is an LGBT+ roller disco happening once a month at RollerStop in Glasgow. We’ve got disco lights, a DJ and plenty of roller skates, so all you need to bring is a smile! The first Rainbow Rollers is on Friday 20th April from 9.30pm til 11.30pm (16+).

Where did the idea come from?

The idea actually came from some of our LGBT+ regulars. They want a space to go out, have fun and meet people that isn’t a bar or club. Since we are an alcohol-free venue, we though it would be great to run an LGBT night.

What do you hope to achieve with this new themed night?

We hope to create a regular event where the LGBT+ community and their allies can come have fun and meet like-minded people whilst also being active.

What’s it like running a roller disco in 2018 and why do you think it’s so popular with younger and older people alike?

It’s great fun, we’ve formed friendships with many of our regular customers and watching their skating ability improve is really rewarding. Roller skating has had a resurgence in pop culture in recent years, appearing in many music videos (such as Beyoncé’s “Blow” and Chet Faker’s “Gold”) making it cool again. For a lot of people, it’s nostalgia, they remember skating as a kid and love to relive the thrill of whizzing around on 8 wheels!

What would you sat are some of the benefits of roller skating?

Roller skating is a great workout, you’ll get plenty of cardio and work your core too. The beauty of it is, it doesn’t feel like exercise since you are often chatting as you skate or having a dance to the tunes!

Tell us your Top 3 roller skating Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: bend your knees, skate in the same direction as everyone else and have FUN!

DON’T: Look at your feet, go faster than you’re comfortable with and don’t forget to put on your wrist guards.

As a baby roller (or newbie) what’s your advice for getting started?

The most important thing as a newbie is to go at a pace you’re comfortable with (don’t let your pals drag you along). If you’re not sure what to do, that’s no problem. We have experienced staff on hand who can give you some hints and tips on how to get rolling, just ask anyone in a STAFF to-shirt and they’ll be happy to help.

Tickets for Rainbow Rollers are available online until 10pm on Thursday night, after this tickets are available on the door (limited number first come first served). Remember if you can’t make it on Friday, RollerStop is open all week with skating sessions for younger and older people – details online.

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