A new magazine for and by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Dumfries and Galloway has launched a funding appeal to get the publication up and running.

The ‘D&G Queerier’ aims to showcase local LGBT talent and inspire individuals to connect and to celebrate diversity in the region.

A similar successful magazine also exists for LGBT+ people in the Highlands & Islands called ‘Undividing Lines’, which is featured on our Media section.

We asked the ‘Queerier’ team to spill the T on their crowdfunding and on what this new publication could mean for locals!



– What is the DG Queerier and where did the idea come from?

The D&G Queerier is a local magazine for the LGBT+ community in Dumfries and Galloway.

As we are just starting out, we will have some trial and error, but as it stands at the moment the magazine will feature news items relevant to LGBT+ people in the region, features and reviews, opinion pieces, artwork and poems. All of the content is currently provided by local volunteers.

The idea sprung from an event called ‘Queer Haggis’, which is part of the Big Burns Supper festival held annually in Dumfries. Seeing how big, energetic, talented and lively the local LGBT+ community is when it is brought together under one roof, this event galvanised existing community and youth LGBT+ members and volunteers to create further LGBT+ events locally. From these events, the idea of revitalising a local LGBT+ newsletter, that was called ‘The Queerier’, came about. An LGBT+ social event was held, ideas were shared and gathered, and a group of about 15 volunteers have been working on D&G Queerier diligently for the past month or so ever since!

– What content will you carry?

As stated before, there will be artwork, poems, news articles, entertainment and events features, reviews of local pubs and restaurants and cafes, and opinion pieces – all created by local LGBT+ volunteers.

– How will LGBT+ people benefit from the Queerier?

The D&G Queerier is a platform for the local queer community to have their work, events, news, opinions, photos and artwork published. It is hoped that it will inspire and empower the LGBT+ community, as well as inform and entertain. It has already inspired one young queer person to consider a career in journalism, and another is considering premiering a drag performance at our launch event, it has also led to more local news attention for LGBT+ issues, and spurred other LGBT+ events in the region.

– Why is it important for LGBT+ people in areas such as Dumfries & Galloway to have a voice?

There is a really great community here, but it is also a rural area, so people are often dispersed and either physically are, or feel, isolated. It is hoped that the D&G Queerier will make LGBT+ issues more visible, magnify local queer voices, help unite the community and just help people to feel less alone in their struggles, and to know more about services and events that are open and relevant to them.

– What are some of the main challenges that face the community in D&G and how are they being addressed?

As previously said, rural isolation, fragmentation and a lack of communication between different groups is a barrier the LGBT+ community face. The LGBT+ community is also a really diverse group of people, with various other interests, of varying abilities, and from a variety of backgrounds. The D&G Queerier wants to voice these interests, concerns and issues and provide a space to make demands and discuss solutions relevant to LGBT+ people. At the moment there are lots of fantastic volunteer and community events, the D&G Queerier hopes to promote these events and let people know they are welcome, valued and important. It is hoped that the D&G Queerier will help with uniting people and improving Dumfries and Galloway for the LGBT+ community.

– You’re crowdfunding for the magazine – what’s this for and how can people take part?

Indeed we are! We’re really happy so far that people are donating and sharing the link! The money is to cover the print costs of the first issue and also to cover the costs of the launch event on the 21st April. The funding link is here: and the launch event is here: – Black Doves from Queer Theory in Glasgow are headlining, with many other local queer performers taking part. People can take part by donating, sharing and liking, passing onto their friends and family 🙂

– If anyone wants to contribute or join the team, how can they get involved?

We’re always happy to hear about new ideas and very open to new suggestions and collaborations. Anyone interested in sending a press release, idea or query can email us at:


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