The Chief Executive of Big Impact Scotland, organiser of the Icon Awards, has been found guilty of theft.

Scott Barclay, age 37 of Falkirk, admitted stealing £10,000 from the TSB’s St Vincent Street branch on July 8th, where he worked.

Barclay, who married husband David in one of the first same-sex marriages in Scotland in December 2014, claimed the act was part of a bizarre blackmail plot, but a Sheriff said his actions were “a very significant breach of trust.”

Giving him 12 months to complete 250 hours of unpaid work, the Daily Record reported Sheriff Gerard Bonnar told Barclay he was “someone who had a positive contribution to make” in light of his charity work.

Barclay’s lawyer said his client had significant remorse over the theft, and reported the incident to the police himself while the bank were investigating internally.

A TSB spokesperson said, “Each and every TSB partner has a responsibility to look after our customers’ money and ensure they deliver the best possible customer service. When an employee falls short of that, we take appropriate action.” Barclay lost his £30,000-a-year job with the bank.

It’s not yet known whether he will stand down from his role with Big Impact Scotland, but his conviction will be another blow to the beleaguered Icon Awards, which have been heavily criticised for a black-face row in its first year and its links to Paramount Creative boss Warren Paul, who was taken to an employment tribunal accused of homophobia against a worker, who won his case with £120,000 compensation.

A number of LGBT organisations, including Pink Saltire and Stonewall, have refused to participate in the Awards since concerns were raised in 2015.

Rather ironically, it was Icon Awards sponsor The Herald & Times Group, who broke the story late last month. It is not known whether their support for Icon Awards will continue.

Pic: Facebook/Scott.barclay.184


  1. I thought this guy was from Glasgow or Paisley way, not Falkirk.
    Did the blackmailer threaten to tell everybody that he ate all the pies? Don’t think that’s a secret Scott haha.
    The dates.. 8th July.. stole ten grand from his work… Sept. 15.. hosts the Icon Awards.. poses for pics with great and good, despite knowing he got a court case coming up where he was caught bang to rights? (paper said CCTV) So he knows there is a shit storm coming, that his name is gonna be mud, but will still have the balls to pose for pics with the likes of Kez Dugdale and tars them by association? If I’d been caught dipping the trill, I’d have resigned my pronto and hidden under a rock rather than discredit the awards and drag all involved down. Put his own celebrity ahead of the awards. All these folk who bought into his BS must be kicking themselves now! Total narcissist and sociopath!

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