A major new report has revealed LGBT young people are increasingly being bullied at school on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in Scotland.

The report also outlines the shocking level of mental health crises among transgender young people, who are more likely to have experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviours.

This new report from LGBT Youth Scotland had 684 responses from young people aged 13-25 and is the largest of its kind conducted in Scotland.

It highlighted that 71% of LGBT young people had experienced bullying in school on the grounds of being LGBT, up from 69% in 2012 and 60% in 2007.

50% of LGBT young people had experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviours but this increased to 63% among transgender young people. Mental health problems or associated behaviours had been experienced by 84% of all LGBT respondents to the survey and 100% of trans young people.

Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, Fergus McMillan said:

“Our new ‘Life in Scotland’ report captures a snapshot of what it’s like to be an LGBT young person growing up in Scotland today. The findings of this year’s report show that some experiences have changed, but not all in a positive direction.”

The poor educational experience for transgender young people was further evidenced in the number of trans youngsters who had left education as a result of transphobia, standing at 27% compared to 9% of LGB pupils.

In further worrying results, over a third of respondents said they had experienced a hate crime or incident in the past year and that only 31% would feel confident about report a hate crime to the police.

There was more evidence of an urban-v-rural divide with 70% of people in cities feeling their local area is a good place for LGBT youngsters to live, but only 39% of people from more rural areas agree.

Fergus McMillan continued:

“While a high proportion of respondents believe that Scotland is a good place to grow up, there are young people in rural areas that don’t share that view. Sadly, transgender young people continue to face significant prejudice and discrimination and experience the highest rates of bullying and hate crime. The report show how far we have come but highlights the continued need for attention to the experiences of bullying at school and suicidal feelings amongst LGBT young people.”

The findings of the research are being launched at the ‘Equal Future?’ Conference in association with Children in Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland, with over 120 delegates attending for a set fee.

You can read the full report here:

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