Homophobic posters have been plastered on the windows of a Dundee LGBT youth group earlier this week.

The posters read “AIDS isnt a disease, it’s a cure to fa**otry. Hail AIDS” and were on the Castle Street base of the LGBT Youth Scotland “Allsorts” youth group.


Other flyers and posters were displayed on council buildings and on the site of the new rail station, targeting refugees.

A group called System Resistance Network appear to be actively recruiting in the city and across the country using these tactics, according to their Twitter feed.  The move has been met with anger and disgust by locals, who ripped down the vile posters.

Dundee Councillor, Alan Ross, speaking to the Daily Record, said:

“We have an inclusive, diverse and outward-looking culture here and we won’t tolerate this type of discrimination.”

Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, told us:

“This is vile homophobia and people in Dundee have made it clear that such disgusting propaganda isn’t welcome in the city, nor does it have a place in modern Scotland.  I’m personally sickened by this poster and determined that it wont hinder our work with LGBTI young people anywhere in Scotland. We have reported the incident as a hate crime to Police Scotland.”

Local people are fighting back though, with a “Nae Nazis in Dundee” event planned for Sunday 10th December at 3pm in the city centre.

A spokesperson for the newly formed Dundee Pride, which hopes to organise the city’s first LGBT Pride event in 2018, told us:

“We are deeply saddened and shocked to see the appalling and vile homophobic abuse which targeted Dundee LGBT youth group, ‘Allsorts’. That such a vitriolic attack would be aimed at young people makes this even more abhorrent. There is no place in modern society for such hatred and it will not be tolerated in this city. We have to ensure that our young people are safe and know that they are valued, important and loved.”

“Despite legal protections and improving social attitudes towards LGBT people in the past 15 years, these actions demonstrate there is still much to do before true social inclusion is achieved for LGBT people. Organisations like Allsorts and Dundee Pride are needed today just as much as at the beginning of our fight for basic human rights.”

Local politicians have slammed the move as ‘appalling’ and ‘completely unacceptable’. MSP for Dundee City West, Joe FitzPatrick said:

“These posters are shocking and repugnant. Targeting a youth group in this way is just appalling. What we have here is a tiny minority, perhaps just one individual, seeking to stir up hatred, but they will not succeed. Such bigotry is not welcome in Dundee and is not representative of the inclusive and tolerant views held by the people of this city.”

The SNP’s Dundee East MP, Stewart Hosie, joined in condemning the action:

“This type of poster is completely unacceptable and is clearly the opinion of a very small minority. I am proud that members of the public took it upon themselves to remove these posters from the various locations around the city, demonstrating that the citizens of Dundee will not tolerate any type of discrimination – we are an inclusive and diverse city, where everyone is welcome.”

Police in Dundee have asked anyone with information about the posters to contact them on 101.

You can find out more and join the “Nae Nazis in Dundee” event here:


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