From 13th – 17th November, it’s National Trustees Week, highlighting the important role of Trustees in guiding and supporting Scotland’s charity sector. Each day we’ll be highlighting the stories of Trustees from across the LGBT+ community and the vital role they have in driving forward equality in Scotland.

Nathan Sparling – Chair of Stay Brave

“It’s easy to see the impact that charities have across Scotland, and that’s why I wanted to volunteer as a Trustee to help support and build important causes. I first became a Trustee for the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, an important charity improving cookery skills for families and provide a local source of fruit and veg for some of the most deprived communities. Now, I’m the chair of a UK-wide small charity, Stay Brave that gives a voice to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse.”

“Being responsible for the financial sustainability of an organisation means you learn on the job, but it’s a vital role for charities to be governed independently with a clear strategic focus that ensures the best outcome for every penny spent.”

“As the Chair of Stay Brave, I’ve provided the strategic direction for the Board to undertake a governance review, which provides stability and a long term outlook for the staff and volunteers to work with. As a small charity, the Board also volunteer and help with fundraising, policy and influencing work.”

“It’s been great to see a small charity grow from an idea to a legitimate cause, and that’s what being a Trustee can do. Anyone who wants to volunteer should consider becoming a Trustee, to help shape and develop important charities, and ensure that a vital part of our communities continue to thrive.”

Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They help to make the UK the sixth most giving country in the world. There are around 180,000 trustees in over 24,000 charities operating in Scotland. They play a vital role and make important decisions about a charity’s work.

Charities in Scotland are regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Their Chief Executive, David Robb said:

“In my six years as OSCR Chief Executive, I’ve been fortunate to see the huge impact that comes from the hard work of dedicated trustees. The 180,000 trustees of Scottish charities make an enormous difference to communities across the country, volunteering their time and working together to lead the strategic direction of their charities.”

“We encourage anyone who is a trustee, or who is interested in becoming one, to participate in Trustees’ Week. Many people are booked to attend events held throughout the country that highlight the significant impact of their work and provide practical advice on how someone can become a trustee themselves – but there are opportunities to participate online too.”

“As always, it is a privilege for OSCR to be involved. It is a brilliant opportunity to highlight the great work that goes on in charities and to show the ways in which people can get more involved in the Sector.”

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