Group will organise LGBT+ Pride event for the city following consultation

Plans are now underway for a Pride event in Dundee for 2018!

Following a successful community consultation organised by Pink Saltire and LGBT Youth Scotland, with the backing of Dundee City Council, the new organisation met for the first time on Monday, and they now hope to achieve charitable status in the next few weeks.

Over 50 people registered as volunteers during the consultation in August and September, with nearly 180 responses to an online Pride survey too.

96% of respondents to the survey said they wanted a Pride event in the city.  The community also said they’d like to see an event in the new Slessor Gardens in the summer of 2018.  The results will now help organisers in planning the event, which is likely to include a march through the city, similar to that seen in Glasgow, Edinburgh and also in Fife for the first time earlier this year.

Jimmy Hunter was elected Co-Chair of the group on Monday – born and bred in Dundee, he is a Health Promotion Specialist for the sexual health charity Terence Higgins Trust Scotland (THT). After 30 years in corporate IT and some time in London, he is now settled back into city life and told us:

“This is a tremendous step forward for Dundee at a time when there is so much happening in the city.  Scotland is the best place to live for LGBT people and this is a great chance for Dundee to show how much it supports its LGBT community by celebrating equality and diversity in this way.”

Stuart Duffy, of Pink Saltire, who led the consultation, said:

“This has been a great example of the community stepping up and getting involved in organising something to benefit the city. We were so pleased with the number of volunteers who registered at this early stage and the new Dundee Pride organisation is in really good hands. The data from the Pride survey will be put to good use helping guide the teams organising everything from the date and location to the entertainment on the day! 2018 is already set to be a big year for Dundee and we hope this new event will show the city is an open and vibrant place to live and work.”

Dundee will join Pride organisers from across the UK at a conference in Blackpool this weekend, hoping to soak up as much experience and wisdom from the 120 Pride organisations due to attend. The city will join Pride events in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, West Lothian, Grampian and Dumfries and Galloway in 2018, the highest number of Prides ever held in Scotland.

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