South Ayrshire Council has passed a motion which will see the rainbow flag flown from the Council HQ next February for a full month.

The highly symbolic gesture of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the region was put before the full council meeting this week by Cllr Laura Brennan-Whitefield of the SNP.

Flag-flying above County Buildings in Ayr is usually restricted to a single day, but for the first time a flag will be flown for the entire 28 days in LGBT History Month.

laura brennan-whitefield
SNP Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield
Cllr Brennan-Whitefield told us:

“For me this is another step forward for South Ayrshire Council in equality and diversity. The fact that we will be flying the flag for the whole month of February which is LGBTI history month is a bold ground breaking step for the council which has never flown the flag before. I am looking forward to using this as a spring board for a range of inclusive events and working with a wide range of groups and organisations to highlight the issues still faced by the LGBTI community.”

Fellow SNP Councillor, Siobhian Brown seconded the motion at Council and she added:

“With a rise in suicides, rise of hate crime and social media abuse an evolving problem, South Ayrshire Council flying the rainbow flag in February in support of LGBTI rights is a small gesture of support but sends a clear, strong message that as a community, South Ayrshire aims to lead the way and show acceptance to all, no matter what your sexual preference, gender, race or belief.”

The small but important step is already making waves at Holyrood too, with Emma Harper, MSP for South Scotland, lodging a motion in the Scottish Parliament in support of the Council’s decision.

 Speaking to the Ayrshire Post, the Equality Network’s Scott Cuthbertson said:

“LGBT History Month is a great opportunity to learn more about the very much hidden history of LGBT lives. We would very much welcome this step by South Ayrshire Council to mark the event and show visible support for LGBT people in South Ayrshire by flying the rainbow flag.”

The prospect of the rainbow flag flying over South Ayrshire made headlines in the local press earlier in the week, with the Ayrshire Post carrying the news, captured in this photo taken by a member of Ayrshire LGBT Network.

The Ayrshire Post splash the news of rainbow flags heading for South Ayrshire!
(Main image: Ayrshire Post)


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  2. Supporting LGBT in South Ayrshire is disgraceful and such is promoting a small yet very aggressive campaign to silence Christians and others who believe such to be wrong. Shame on the SNP and this local authority

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