The Chairman of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club has issued a statement condemning homophobic abuse at the recent Pars v Dundee Utd match.

Ross McArthur said it was “deeply disappointing to have to mention once again unacceptable behaviour, which continues to create not only an unnecessary distraction for everyone connected to our club, but portrays our community club so negatively.”

Fans were reportedly heard shouting that certain players on the field “take it up the arse” as well as other abusive language at the East End Park game on Saturday 30th September.  There were also complaints made to club officials about foul, abusive, threatening and intimidating language used towards other adults and children at the same match.

Some fans on social media have been reinforcing that negative image too, as these comments on the DAFC Facebook page show.

DAFC Homophob

DAFC Homo 2

The club have said they “take these issues very seriously” and that action was taken during the match when the homophobic abuse was reported, with extra stewards being deployed to the area where the abusive fans were situated.

Dunfermline Athletic FC told us they have recently applied to sign the LGBT Sports Charter, launched by Equality Network.  Both Rangers and Celtic, together with other clubs from across the four Scottish leagues, are already signed up to the Charter, which sets out five main principles to reduce the barriers in sport for LGBT people, including tackling discrimination. Over 30 sports governing bodies, including the Scottish Football Association, are also signed-up.

Nina Munday, Manager at the Fife Centre for Equalities (FCE), told us:

“FCE would like to commend the Chairman of Dunfermline Athletic FC for his prompt action in addressing the homophobic behaviour of some of the clubs fans. We agree with [him] that there is absolutely no room for any hateful or intolerant language or behaviour anywhere in our society. We must all work together to stamp out the hate.”

Nathan Sparling, a Dunfermline resident and lifelong fan, said:

“As an LGBT fan I was disappointed to hear of homophobic chants at East End Park at the recent match versus Dundee United. This behaviour is far too common in football, from youth games to the Premier League.  We must all work together to call it out when we hear it – stamping homophobia out of football all together.”

Other fans have also been supportive of the need for action to be taken, with comments on Facebook supporting the Chairman.

DAFC Supportive

DAFC Supportive 2

You can read the full statement from the club by clicking on the link below:



Main pic credit: DAFC Facebook site

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