The ‘Big Four’ LGBT charities in Scotland have secured over £2.7million from Scottish Government funds covering the next three years.

Announcing the most recent round of awards from two separate funds, Equalities Secretary, Angela Constance MSP, said:

“We are continuing to support and empower people and groups to tackle inequality and discrimination head-on, helping secure positive and sustained change.”

Funds covering “intermediary bodies” (who consult with the Government on equality policy and legislation) and smaller project-focussed awards under the ‘Promoting Equality and Cohesion Fund’ announced today, were:

LGBT Youth Scotland     £900,000 over 3 years

Equality Network     £1,425,000 over 3 years

Stonewall     £290,000 over 3 years

LGBT Health & Wellbeing     £240,000 over 3 years

Funding was also confirmed for inclusive sports body LEAP Sports, who will receive over £116,000 for work to expand and improve LGBT access and participation in sport up to the year 2020.

Equality Network funding includes £600,000 for the work of Scottish Trans, representing an increase of 53% on previous funding, and in recognition of the huge increase in demand for trans services, including a Scottish Government gender recognition consultation expected in the Autumn, as well as £135,000 for intersex work.

Funding for LGBT Health & Wellbeing was focussed on maintaining the LGBT Helpline, which is run mainly by volunteers and supports people from across Scotland who need someone to talk to about sexuality or gender issues, and on the LGBT Age project, supporting those in the community over 55.

LGBT Youth funding includes £40,000 per year for a project called “Voices Unheard” from the Violence Against Women & Girls Fund as well as £260,000 a year to continue youth work in a number of areas across Scotland.

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Angela Constance MSP at Pride Edinburgh

During her speech at the launch of the Pride Edinburgh parade on Saturday 17th June, the Equalities Secretary said the Scottish Government were “putting their money where their mouth is” in advance of the announcement.

Indeed, the Government appear to be investing over £125,000 per year more in LGBT-specific organisations, although funding continues to focus on the work of the ‘Big Four’ national charities.

Pink Saltire understand that projects worth nearly £10million per year had been submitted in the funding round, with demand far exceeding the available budgets.

According to the latest charity regulator statistics, these 4 LGBT charities had a turnover of nearly £1.9million for the year 2015-16, although no figures were available for Stonewall Scotland who are counted under their England & Wales equivalent.

The funding announcement was part of a total package of £20million this year for all equalities organisations, with LGBT-specific groups receiving over £983,000. The full break down is:

Violence against Women and Girls Fund £7.2m

Violence against Women and Girls Fund (intermediary) £3.9m

Promoting Equality & Cohesion Fund £2.7m

Equality Funding (intermediary) £5m

Rape Crisis Fund £700k

A full breakdown of the equalities funding, including the groups benefitting in other areas, is available here:


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