The latest Scottish Government figures show same-sex marriage is up by 13% on the previous year.

During 2016 there were 999 same-sex marriages, according to National Records of Scotland data released earlier this month. 829 were new marriages which is an increase of 13% on the 735 in 2015.Sex split of same sex marriage 2016


Same-sex couples were given the right to marry in December 2014 after a historic vote in the Scottish Parliament and months of campaigning by LGBT activists and allies.

Edinburgh was the most popular local authority area for same-sex couples to get ‘hitched’, with 194 weddings conducted in the city. There was atleast one same-sex marriage registered in every local authority area last year.

New or Conversions marriage 2016But the latest figures suggest those changing civil partnerships to marriage have slowed over the past year.  Over 5000 couples had registered a civil partnership before marriage was legalised in December 2014.  Nearly one fifth chose to move to a same-sex marriage in the first year, more than half of the marriages registered in 2015. One year later, in 2016, that figure is down to just 17% with 169 couples choosing to convert their union.

Graph same sex 2016

There were 70 new civil partnerships registered in Scotland in 2016 although this number is up on 2015, with 64 registered that year.  Despite a legal challenge earlier this year, opposite-sex couples are still denied the right to a civil partnership in the UK.

Opposite-sex couples registered 28,230 marriages across the country in 2016, continuing the decline of marriage rates over the past 40 years – in 1971 the number was 42,500.

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