As part of programme of work funded by the Big Lottery “Investing in Ideas” Fund, we were awarded £9075 in November 2015 to conduct a feasibility study into the aims and objectives of the group.

Media Survey 1

As part of this study, we will consult the community on what their perceptions of the LGBTI media sector in Scotland are, whether they are willing to engage with a new media outlet and what the media sector should be providing the LGBTI community in 2016.

Engagement with the LGBTI community is key for us, but we appreciate the challenges this brings for new groups. We have a limited number of social media followers and a small network of community contacts as a new group which is likely to lead to a limited social reach. For this reason we will arrange both an anonymous online survey as well as a series of public meetings in 10 locations around the country. We will also hold a free online video meeting to discuss the topics in our study.

We will also engage existing LGBTI media outlets, Scottish politicians, LGBTI groups and key stakeholders in the sector to seek their views on the industry and our key objectives.

The ‘Media Matters: Connecting our Community’ tour will visit 10 locations:











Our media survey will run until 31st January 2016 and will be hosted by SurveyMonkey. We will also host a free video conference meeting using the Periscope service on Thursday 4th February.

The research and survey results will be shared in a transparent manner using our social media platforms. The results will be available for other groups and individuals in the community to use, without charge or copyright.

The output of the study overall will be shared with the charity Trustees, who will then decide the direction of the work to be undertaken.


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